Robbert Vos becomes Besson Artist

Laatste update om 17:50 op Friday, 15 February

Besson are delighted to announce that the highly respected Robbert Vos has become a Besson Artist. Robbert has chosen a new Prestige euphonium.

After recent testing he writes: ‘The projection of sound, overtones, flexibility, endurance etc. is just on a new and other level then I have experienced before. I'm glad the difference is this big, it makes the choice lots more easy’.

Besson artist Steven Mead writes: ‘It is wonderful to have such a fantastic musician as Robbert Vos playing on a Besson euphonium. I feel sure he will be a great asset to brand Besson, and I know he will enjoy to play this great instrument (Besson 2052-2) for his audiences’.

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